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Savvy Ways To Update Your Wardrobe

By Katie Perry

Unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw with wall-to-wall fabulousness in your walk-in, chances are you need a wardrobe cleanse as badly as the rest of us. It seems so overwhelming, what to hang onto, what to throw away, what if it comes back in fashion? One of the best things you can do for your style, and your life in general, is to cull, cut out all the ‘noise’ and keep what’s useful, or what you genuinely love. Here are some steps you can take to give your wardrobe an overhaul…and the best part is, once you’ve paired it all back there may be some glaringly obvious holes that need filling – shopping anyone?

  1. Make five piles – keep, fix, donate, throw away, and sell
  2. Ask yourself – Have you worn this in the last year? Two? If the answer is no, you’ll probably never wear it again.
  3. Ask yourself why you haven’t worn it? Does it not fit properly? Is it damaged?
  4. Start your piles. If it is damaged and that’s the only reason you’re not wearing it – can it be fixed? If so, put it in the ‘fix’ pile, if not donate if it’s still actually wearable, throw away if not. If you just don’t like it, or it can be fixed but you don’t want to wear it, put it in the ‘sell’ pile and see if you can get a little money for it.
  5. Say No to sentimentality. Whether it’s your high school formal dress or your grandma’s favourite cardigan – don’t kid yourself, you won’t wear this again.
  6. What’s left? Split your clothes into piles of; workout, casual, work, evening.
  7. Now it’s time to see where the holes are (read: what you need to go shopping for!!!)

This is where I come in! Not only will I help you with your wardrobe update, I’ll find any fashion ‘holes’ in your wardrobe and help you choose the right new pieces to make the most of what you already have while taking your style to the next level.

Check out my wardrobe update here