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How to style your baby bump

By Katie Perry

FullSizeRender_5 (1)Being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up your sense of style or your unique fashion personality. Just because your body is changing doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to – but you can make some tweaks to flatter that bump and feel comfortable and confident.

Stick with What You Love!

It’s a common misconception that pregnancy means A. WHOLE. NEW. WARDROBE. It’s important to embrace your new shape, FullSizeRender_1 (1)your curves and your growing belly but that doesn’t mean changing your own fashion style. FullSizeRender_2Many of the staple wardrobe items you usually wear, you can continue to wear throughout most of your pregnancy – with a little tweak here and there. But, most importantly if you stick with what you know and love, you’ll feel more like yourself while your body is changing.

Keep It Simple
This might seem like the most obvious advice in the world, but patterns, florals and stripes don’t do anywhere near the FullSizeRender_3 (1)justice to your beautiful baby bump as simple, block colours and neutral tones. Your bump is gorgeous and as soon as you start adding textures and patterns into the mix, you take the focus off the baby bump and look larger in the process! Stick to your favourite tones, but the more black the better – after all it’s slimming!

Stick with your skinny jeans
FullSizeRender_4Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean it’s time to reach for the kaftans immediately! While you might be thinking ‘tight pants and pregnancy – no thanks’ many women find that leggings, denim and stretch leather can be super supportive during pregnancy. ASOS and Topshop do reliably comfortable and on-trend maternity jeans FullSizeRender (1)and leggings that wont break the bank, and as a staple wardrobe item for your bump they’re worth the investment! Pair with long V-neck style tops (high necked tops will accentuate the bump – often not in a flattering way!) and a smart blazer or leather biker jacket and bam – you’re one funky mumma!

Embrace Lycra
There’s no two ways about it, Lycra (or anything stretchy) is your best friend for the next nine months. FullSizeRender_4 (1)Avoid the instinct to grab for the oversized tshirts and loose pants, they’ll add bulk to your upper-body resembling a pitched tent and not accentuate the beautiful curves of your pregnant form. Lycra, bodycon, crepe knit (done beautifully by Scanlan & Theodore & Seed) are a winner as they’re a thicker knit meaning there’s more support for you and your bump. Stretch dresses are the best to show off your bump and sticking to clock colours is the more flattering. Team with a long-line coat or vest and you’re hot to trot.

Go Long on Outerwear
FullSizeRender_5When you’re all out in front, anything that finishes around your shins (from knees to ankles) is a winner when it comes to jackets, coats and vests. In winter it’s easy to layer up with pieces like this that will lengthen the look of your body while showing off your FullSizeRender_6ankles but some of the lighter weight full-length vests and summer jackets are perfect for those warmer days. Teamed with linen shorts and a basic tee, a long, flowing jacket adds polish to a casual outfit.

Don’t be afraid of Heights
Heels are a very personal choice during pregnancy but some women are comfortable wearing some kind of heel throughout their entire pregnancy without any problems.FullSizeRender_1 Early on, you’re best to stick with kitten heels, boots with a low block heel or any other mid-height to give your widening body just enough lift without any discomfort. Of course, if heels are a big no-no at the best of times, pregnancy will be the last time you’ll think of popping on those stilettos! There are so many great styles of pointed flats, loafers with a flatform or ballet flats and brogues that look super smart with any outfit, you’re really not missing out on much if low to the ground is your preference.

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