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How to Get Out of Your Fitness Rut

By Jason Howell

If you’re mindlessly grinding through the same gym workout everyday, or jogging the same 5km circuit, or just even finding it tough to get out of bed and get moving at all – you can bet those unchallenged quads of yours, that you’re well and truly in a fitness rut.

What you really need, is to shake things up – they say ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’, so the more you keep your body and mind guessing, the more challenged you’ll be. Adding some different classes or high intensity interval training (HIIT) to your workouts are easy ways to try something different, and training in a group is a sure-fire way to stay motivated and challenged as we all work harder when we’re in a group training environment.

If you’re into gym circuits, try one of the group training classes that are so popular these days. F45 is one such class dynamic group fitness environment. This functional 45 minute group circuit class is designed around HIIT movements from a program of hundreds of exercises – meaning your boredom will never kick in! Using the best of strength and cardio training, the sessions are designed to burn upwards of 750 calories.

If yoga or Pilates is more your jam, then try a reformer class – it’s Pilates on steroids. Guys, this isn’t just for the ladies, if you’ve never tried a reformer class I can guarantee you’ll be using more resistance and more isometric moves than you’ve ever tried before. This is not for the faint-hearted! Using high performance reformer machines, reformer targets the whole body through continuous, precise, controlled movements and functional exercises that increase the intensity of the workout, while engaging the core and delivering cardiovascular conditioning. Boom! Sometimes a small change-up is all you need to put the drive back into your workouts. Reformer is loads of fun and if you think this is just for the ladies out there, think again! This is some hard core muscle conditioning!

While trying totally different fitness classes or activities is a sure-fire way to stop you slipping into a fitness rut, there are even easier ways to ensure that small changes have a big impact on your fitness. They’re free, easy and you can kick-start the change right now. Here are a few Bree and I love to incorporate into our daily routines.

  1. Forget the lift or the escalator, take the stairs whenever you can
  2. For the girls – make sitting count and work your pelvic floor muscles or squeeze a Pilates ring at your desk and tone those thighs
  3. Make your grocery shopping count and load up with shopping bags in each arm for some bicep curls
  4. Push ups in the kitchen while waiting for the microwave
  5. Forget the coffee meeting, do business walking and talking
  6. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier and do sets of squats, pushups and planks to start your day

Whether your changes are big small, the key is simply to start making them. Whatever floats your fitness boat, achieving better health is all about finding an array of activities you enjoy and making every movement count keeping you active and out of that fitness rut!

How do you stop yourself from getting into a fitness rut? Get in touch and share your tips with me…