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How To Dress For The Plane

By Katie Perry

Plane travel – it’s the ultimate playoff between style and comfort. There’s something enviable about women you see at the airport who are dressed well yet practically for a flight – it’s like they really respect the glamour that is travel. Your plane outfit is the first outfit you’ll wear at your destination, so first impressions count! So, can you have both style and comfort? With a little planning and some informed fashion choices, yes you absolutely can!

Can you get past security without de-robing entirely? Can you wait around comfortably during any flight delays? Will your shoe choice allow you to walk to the furthest possible end of the terminal? What about changing temperatures on the plane or vast climate differences between departure and arrival locations? Are you choosing breathable fabrics for long-haul trips? The considerations are endless!

There’s an enormous fashion chasm between your PJ’s and your LBD, but also plenty of options in between to keep you both warm and cosy in your seat, and travel-chic upon arrival.

My personal plane attire is usually a combination of black pants that have some stretch so they can move with your body. I always take two tops and layers; the spare top is a saving grace for any turbulence (or coordination-related) spills and also makes a great ‘freshener’ to change into before you disembark which is perfect for transfers or if you’re being picked up at the other end. Remember breathable fabrics are a MUST for travel! My Katie Perry Nice or Adelaide pants are just the ticket and throw in a wrap and merino wool jacket for those chilly moments at altitude. Stick to basic black for your staples and add a splash of colour with a scarf or wrap and remember a big pair of sunglasses is a must for air travel; think celebrity-in-hiding type glasses to add an edge of class and mystique to your outfit. Don’t forget your overspill bag with a nice big opening for easy access going through security and taking layers of clothes, books, headphones etc in and out of during your flight.

Here’s an outfit I prepared earlier that is perfect for travel to any destination

  1. Merino Jacket by Katie Perry
  2. Adelaide Trousers by Katie Perry
  3. Merino Travel Blanket by Katie Perry
  4. Monaco Top by Katie Perry
  5. My Paris Dream book by Kate Betts
  6. Jewelled Sandals by Holster
  7. Chanel Travel Spray at Sephora
  8. Arrive Revived Spray by Saje