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Grounds For Sustainability: How You Can Recycle Your Coffee

By Katie Perry

Here’s something to ponder over your morning brew…worldwide coffee production is somewhere in the vicinity of 9-11 billion pounds annually and with up to 50 percent of that as waste, that’s a lot of byproduct to deal with. With our global obsession for coffee, fortunately some leading industry players, farmers, millers, industrial agricultural scientists and other (usually) non-government organisations are striving to keep this problem at bay by turning coffee waste into resources. But while coffee grounds are being transformed into all kinds of sustainable products to help the environment, there are some really simple ways you can use your leftover coffee grounds at home to do your bit too.

Coffee Compost & Garden Supercharger

This is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of recycling coffee pulp, for decades farms of all sizes have been turning coffee into compost. You can recycle your own coffee grounds from home, or even ask your local cafe if they’ll donate theirs. One of the best side effects of using this as compost is that it comes with the added bonus of actually acting as a deodoriser which is one of the most common complaints of more traditional forms of compost! Plus, you can supercharge your garden by mixing half a cup of coffee grounds with warm water, put this solution into a spray bottle and spray your garden!

Give your Hydrangeas a Facelift

Coffee changes the pH balance of the soil, and by adding coffee grounds to your garden beds, you’ll change your pink hydrangeas, to blue!

De-Flea Your Pup 

Next time you’re giving your dog a bath, add a teaspoon of coffee grounds to the shampoo and help repel fleas!

Keep Clear Cats!

If your cat (or worse, your neighbours) just won’t stay out of your garden, simply sprinkle a little coffee around – cats are not fans!

Deodorise Those Trainers

Pop a satchel of coffee grounds into your smelly shoes and it will absorb the odour!

Natural Exfoliator

Mix some coffee grounds with coconut oil into a thick paste, stand in the shower or the bath and exfoliate to your heart’s content.

Get rid of that garlic smell

Next time you’re chopping up onions or garlic – never fear! Wash your hands afterwards with coffee grounds and that hard to get rid of smell will vanish!
There’s nothing that makes you feel better than when you recycle and reuse your own waste making you as self-sufficient and sustainable as you can be. What tips do you have for reusing coffee grounds (or anything else!) around the house? If we all do our little bit, we all win.