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Girls – We Run The World!  

By Katie Perry

Running a business is tough, let’s not sugar-coat it. Running a business AND having a second revenue stream, and being a great partner, and keeping up with friends all the while raising kids and supporting your family, while still having time for yourself – seems virtually impossible right? How do we manage to do it all, and still have the energy and headspace to actually enjoy what we’re doing? Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I realise I’ve created a successful fashion business and managed to enjoy the benefits of a fulfilling and lucrative Isagenix business too. When I look at what my drivers are for making all this work, it really comes down to a few basic ingredients and desires I have for my life. Generating a second income stream might be about different things for you, after all we’re all on our own journey, but I want to share what gets me up every morning and why I think the decision to diversify your income can be the best (and easiest) decision you’ll ever make.

Independance & Incremental Income

My husband and I are a team in life, love and everything in between. I’ve always been a fiercely independent woman and this is a part of myself that I wanted to nurture and keep alive in my marriage – after all it’s one of the things my husband loves most about me. Naturally, independence morphs into something more beautiful when you’re in a relationship, the ability to rely on another human being unconditionally is a safe place, a home base, a rock-solid foundation from which you can actually spring with more courage and confidence to be that free, independent version of yourself; all with the knowledge that you have a fallback. The safety net of a Plan B in your career or your finances can have the same feeling. The beauty of a business like Isagenix is that once you put in the work to set it rolling, your networks and incremental income just starts rolling in. I’ve found that just knowing I have that little extra in the bank from Isagenix each month allows me to feel not only financially strong and independant but also allows me to feel more free and creative in my fashion business. It’s a reassurance, a feeling of safety that allows me the time and energy to inject into other areas of my life.

A Natural Fit…

I found that while my passions and talents and creativity drove me to succeed in my fashion career to help women feel beautiful, strong and stylish everyday, that our family Isagenix business – Inspired Life Revolution – was a natural fit to parallel my goal of making women feel great. We all want to be the healthiest, fittest, most beautiful and inspired versions of ourselves and I found that my fashion clients actually naturally wanted to be part of the healthy world of Isagenix, and then naturally went on to enjoy dressing in Katie Perry fashion as well to show off their new and improved selves! I naturally get so much enjoyment out of making women feel confident and beautiful in my garments, but I equally adore changing people’s lives from the inside out with the ILR business. You would be amazed how many people we see everyday that are starting Isagenix as a second business, and how many comment just how seamlessly and naturally Isagenix and health parallels whatever their other business are. After all, we all need to be healthy and well to be the best in any business we’re in.

Why Are More People Not Doing It?  

Many people dream of having a second income stream, but so very few people actually do. Why? Usually, it’s just too much hard work for them. As a young businesswoman with my own fashion label, I often get asked where I find the drive or the time to run an Isagenix business, and why would I even bother. Aside from the personal drivers of independance and freedom and having the ability to help women on all levels as I’ve mentioned, there are a few rock solid business reasons to have a second revenue stream.

  1. It brings you more money. Sure that seems like an obvious statement, but with so many people in debt and paying off mortgages, you’d be amazed at how few people actually put in the effort to set up an additional income stream. You might pay off that debt, boost your savings, save for a home deposit, build a portfolio of stocks or even just save for a much-needed holiday. It’s important to remember that if you want extra money, you need to put some actions in place to achieve that. Fortunately, with a global business success story like Isagenix behind you – it’s much easier than you might think, and certainly much easier than going it on your own.
  2. Income diversification. Ok, Ok, I know if doesn’t sound particularly sexy, but diversification is one of the most widely used terms when it comes to the world of investing, and yet it isn’t used enough when talking about your income. The economy is unstable, employment is uncertain in many markets around the world, so diversifying your income might just be the smartest fail-safe move you can make. Many people opt to save the revenue from their second income stream as a rainy-day fund and with the volatility of many industries, you don’t really ever know your primary job is safe, especially if you’re starting your own business as your Plan A; start-ups are a tough market and having a fallback is wise.
  3. It’s easier than you think. Most people are either too lazy or are distracted by life to put in the work to make a second income stream happen. Everyone thinks it’s a great idea, but so few actually put any goals on the scoreboard. Think about the skills you have, or the hobbies or interests you’re doing on the side anyway and how you could turn these into a viable income stream. Or, if you want to follow in my footsteps and join a globally successful team with loads of fun, support and most importantly the ability to change lives (and make you some second income wealth) – get in touch to see how easily you could set a second business for yourself.