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Bali: Clean, Green, Eating Machine

By Suzanne Skillen

Local. Sustainable. Green. Organic. Fair. Clean. Bali’s healthy eating trend adds a sprinkle of feel-good factor to the island’s already illustrious restaurant repertoire. Here we give you a look inside some of our favourites –  a tantalising selection of Bali’s established and newbie green cafes that serve up good, clean and fair food. We’re all about improving your life, one meal at a time, next time you visit Bali. From Earth in Seminyak, Watercress in Batu Belig and Betelnut in Canggu, to the virtuosity of Clear Café and glow @ Como Shambhala Estate in the holistic Mecca of Ubud, these honest-to-goodness dining delights are a welcome addition to Bali’s trendy trademark names like Mozaic, Sarong, Mamasan and Metis. With a long history of healing, Bali is the ideal place for these feel-good eateries to spread their healthy vibe.

Earth Café, Seminyak

They don’t get more virtuous than the health and wellness king of Seminyak, Earth Café. This uber-funky macrobiotic, vegan restaurant, health food store and general wellness Mecca offers something for every waning part of your body, mind and soul. Feed your face with a Green Earth or Wheatberry Sprout salad, a Mediterranean platter extraordinaire, a chilled raw soup or one of the delicious array of bone-building, energy-giving, fertility-treating, shakes and concoctions – complete with extra wide eco-friendly glass straw so you can slam it down fast. Even the chocolaty goodness is raw and lip smackingly good – try the raw chocolate mousse cupcake, homemade bounty bars or choose one of Earth’s many power balls made from ingredients like raw cacao, peanut butter, coconut, goji berries, dates, oats and other superfood heroes. We spent a solid hour transfixed by the health and wellness offerings of Earth’s shop for all our vitamin needs, healthy snacks and organic produce galore! Earth also comes to the rescue with it’s home delivery service so there’s no excuse for ordering a hotel burger when you can have green goodness delivered to your door at no extra cost!!!

Earth Café, Jl Lasmana #99, Oberoi, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia, 80361, p. +62 (0)361736645.

Betelnut Café, Canggu

‘Happy, healthy, nutritious and delicious food’; Canggu favourite, Betelnut, delivers its food mantra in a quirky fusion of Indo-healthy- tastiness with a great big side order of feel-good local sustainability to boot. Sitting pretty amongst tranquil rice fields, bright-eyed Aussie couple, Gypsy and Justin’s dream café has a captive (and salivating) audience. A cult foodie following travels from all over Bali to wrap their chops around generous servings of fiercely nutritious food, like The Big Betelnut Salad, which has a well-deserved legendary status among Betelnut fans. This menu staple combines four house salads including red rice, coconut, raisins, roasted pumpkin, feta, sundried tommies, cashews and other healthy treats. Smiling staff – hired mostly from the local village – deliver vividly coloured juices and shakes that will drench your body with delicious nutrients. With as much organic produce as possible from the lush mountains of Bedugal and everything else sourced from local suppliers (like the delish French patisserie next door!) – Betelnut really delivers on both the healthy body and healthy conscience angle. Well worth the 15-minute drive from Seminyak to chillax and gorge guilt-free amongst the rice fields.

Betelnut Café, Jl Batu Bolong, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 80361, p. +62 (0) 82146807233.

Watercress Café, Batu Belig

Take your tastebuds on holiday from the chaos of Seminyak and hit the quietly confident Watercress café on trendy Batu Belig. Watercress hums with a cheerful, welcoming vibe and promises a healthy menu to match. Past the cutesy garden terrace and exposed brickwork frontage, the warung-style glass display cabinet teases with its array of eye-candy ranging from Mediterranean salads, brightly coloured sprouted goodies, golden falafel and fresh dips to grilled frittatas, vegetarian lasagna and fish kebabs. Our only problem was deciding what to eat from such a variety of taste sensations – decisions, decisions! Need a caffeine hit? Watercress seriously delivers with their very own special house blend of 100% Arabica grounds from around Indonesia. Their milk even comes from expat Australian cows living in Java, but most importantly, every coffee is poured as a double ristretto. Meaning, you get a pure crema goodness full of oils, aroma, richness and taste that a single shot won’t give you. Obsessed? Just a little…

Watercress Café, Jl Batu Belig #21a, Batu Belig, Bali, Indonesia 80361, p. +62 (0)3617808030.

Clear Café, Ubud

Ubud is affectionately described as one of the seven sacred chakras of the world and Clear Café sits right at the heart of this. An organic, raw, vegan and seafood oasis where bamboo, earth, water and glass are fused in a design haven; Clear is more than just a restaurant, it’s an idea, a way of life – and an enticing one at that. We dined on the most virtuous tuna burger in history complete healthy fries and mouth-watering onion rings; Bali Tataki – cocoa and cayenne seared tuna with daikon and beets in a mangosteen sauce; Rainbow Salad – mango, jackfruit, red peppers, basil and mint with almond butter dressing. Our thirsts were quenched with Clear’s blended tonics and elixirs like the Energizer with maca root and ginger with a spicy twist to naturally boost fertility, and the Chocolate Butterfly with peanut butter, fresh banana, honey, vanilla bean and rich in protein. Say no more….

Clear Cafe, Jl Hanoman #8, Padang Tegal Kaye, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, p. +62(0)361 8894437.

glow at COMO Shambhala Estate, Ubud.

glow, is the buzzing heart of the luxurious COMO Shambhala Estate in Ubud. A contemporary-styled, alfresco, all-day-dining venue, glow is renowned for its nutritious and delicious COMO Shambhala Cuisine including salads, energising juices and blends rich in living enzymes, vitamins and minerals. We couldn’t help but feel humbled within the regal grounds of COMO Shambhala’s 150 year-old former Javanese residence where glow sits as a contemporary, Ikebuchi-designed restaurant. The cuisine is organic, sourced locally, and delivered from field to table with the creative plating worthy of a Michelin star. The glow menu features cuisines from all corners of the globe, thoughtfully balanced to tantalise tastebuds. Dishes feature little salt, raw unprocessed honey replaces sugar, raw fruit and vegetables with living enzymes are king and extensive juices and vegetable extracts are used as medicine as part of COMO’s well-known detox programme. Go for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you’ll leave feeling nurtured, humbled and blessed, all wrapped up in a big hug of Healthiness. We sure did…

glow at COMO Shambhala, Banjar Begawan, Desa Melingghih Kelod, Payangan

Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia, 80571, p. +62 (0)361 978888

Betelnut: Images courtesy of Betelnut Cafe

Watercress: Images courtesy of Watercress Facebook

Earth: Images courtesy of Down To Earth Bali

Clear: Images courtesy of Clear Cafe

Glow @ COMO Shambhala: Images courtesy of COMO hotels