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A Simple Way To Choose (And Succeed in) Your Career

By Paul McAneny

Despite common assumptions that there’s only one right career for anyone, actually many people can be equally as happy in several different career areas, so long as they all possess some similar characteristics. So how do we determine what those characteristics are for each individual, and, can it really be that simple? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get yourself started – and don’t forget this still applies no matter if you’re at the very beginning of your career or looking to change from one you’ve been in for many years.

  1. Choose one or two of the following aspects you most want to use in your career: words, people, data, artistry, entrepreneurship, or building/fixing.
  2. What are your other career musts or goals? For example; high-earnings, professional status, altruistic, socially impactful etc.
  3. Now take a look online and research the types of careers that would meet all of these needs on a daily basis and make a short list of 5-10 possible careers or job titles
  4. From this list, do your homework, watch some YouTube videos and get a feel for what’s entailed
  5. From this short list pick the one that ‘feels’ like the best fit for you
  6. Find out if your chosen career requires any training, look into perhaps where you would like to be trained if there are specialist institutions or attractive locales for study
  7. Speak to advisors, mentors, people in the industry you’re aiming for and get inspiration, real-life advice and recommendations and you’re on your way to your best career ever!

It seems simplistic, but when you think about the fact that we spend so many hours of our lives working, (96,000 hours)

it’s a very sensible place to start when choosing a career to list out the things you actually want to be doing on a day-to-day basis. Once you’ve established what will bring you happiness and fulfillment you can figure out your career around those things.

At iLR we’re so fortunate with what we do as our business, is also what we love, what drives us and what we feel passionate about. Everyday we get to enrich people’s lives through health, wellness and happiness and every day we get to help put people on career paths that will bring them joy, financial success and satisfaction.

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