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By Suzanne Skillen

“100% responsibility”

Listen to the wisdom that comes with life experience. A guide to using forgiveness & gratitude to achieve your greatest potential.

Circumstances don’t define us. It is your journey and it is within you to make your life great. With constant action you can achieve anything.

Suzanne finds continued learning through seminars, the personal development books she avidly reads and surrounding herself with the “thoroughbreds” that share their wisdom and talents with her.

By applying the most positive mindset and language you will not only
lift yourself as well as all those around you. Don’t ever let negativity rule your life.

By truly understanding that “Comparison is the thief of joy” your life will transform. The moment you compare yourself to others you leave your chosen journey and find disappointment.

Live your own life, learn to be grateful for everything you have. Showing gratitude every single day builds the appreciation for the good that surrounds you even in the hardest times.

Learn to forgive, both yourself and those around you. By forgiving you free yourself from the past, of what might have been and of the mistakes made.

The 2 greatest learnings from Suzanne’s life are to show gratitude and to forgive.

Living these 2 things will transform your life and those with you on the journey.