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By Suzanne Skillen

“Act as if you’ve already arrived!”

A heartfelt discussion of the actions you can take to get from flat broke to a meaningful life of reward & joy.

Isagenix Millionaires, Paul & Suzanne, give an honest assessment of where they found themselves 5 years ago. Flat broke & borrowing money from Suzanne’s daughter Katie just to survive.

But, where most people would have been beaten they found a way to financial freedom.

Paul & Suzanne’s experience in Network Marketing led them to Isagenix. A company that they felt had great product, an excellent compensation plan & the goal to become a global leader in Health & Wellness.

Paul & Suzanne took massive action. They built a vision with the use of vision boards. They practiced affirmations to change their mindset to only positive outcomes and then they did not stop till they held success.

In fact, they still haven’t stopped. Setting new goals constantly.

So, apply your C.B.A.
Create it, Believe it and then Act as if you can not fail.