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Paul Mcaneny
I left school at 16, because even then I knew there was a Better way. My first Inspiring motivational speech was from my teacher Mr. Barnett he said “McAneny! if you don’t leave school now, you will be kicked out! You are never going to amount to anything, so why don’t you leave now?”   That day, I left school, gave him the finger plus a few choice words. I must admit, I was a Rebel. From that day on, I had a burning desire to prove him wrong. I joined the Police Force thinking this was my life’s career. Even though I loved the job it was tough. For 15 years I investigated every horrible crime humanity commits: murders, car accident deaths, suicides, armed robberies, assaults and major drug crimes. The stress was massive and then my younger brother and my son passed away. This caused me to have a nervous breakdown and go on an 18 month bender. Finally, I was retired from the Police on Medical Grounds: STRESS. At 31, I was burnt out and stressed to the max. I was advised by the Police Medical Officer to go and learn how to Relax and let go of the Past. I attended a personal development seminar run by Paul Blackburn and my Life began to slowly change for the better. There was light at the end of the tunnel, learning to let go of the Past and live in the NOW. Fortunately Paul took me under his wing and mentored me, he taught me so much. After several years of learning, I started to teach and conduct POWER of the MIND seminars to large groups, corporations, high profile executives and professional athletes. Teaching to have a POSITIVE MINDSET, GOAL SETTING, VISION BOARDS, AFFIRMATIONS and LEARNING HOW TO RELAX UNDER PRESSURE. During this time Brilliant mentors taught me many different skills. Big thank you to Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Nancy and Jim Dornan, Debbie and Peter Cox, John Maxwell, David T.S.Wood and also Kathy & Jim Coover. To this day, I still apply the learnings and skills that they passed onto me. Personal development is a never ending journey. Just some of my major lessons from these mentors:
  • Don’t take advice from broke or unhappy people, unless you want to end up like them
  • You are the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of your Life
  • Your destiny is in your hands
  • Have several streams of income. Let your money work for you
  • Never ever, ever, let anyone steal your Dreams
  • The more people you help, the more successful you will be Your Past does not equal your FUTURE.
Over 30 years ago, I found the opportunity that became my Passion and Life: the MLM Direct Selling Industry. I’m now Proud to say that I’m a Professional Network marketer. The industry has rewarded me with fantastic new friendships around the world. I’m now able to help, teach and mentor more people in achieving having better Health and Wealth, because now I have the TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM. The pinnacle for me was finding ISAGENIX 5 years ago with my partner Suzanne Skillen. We are now in the TOP 1% Money earners in the world and have over 60,000 + in our team in 14 countries. AWARDS: 2015 Who’s Who Entrepreneur of the Year, Rising and Shooting Star, Ambassador for Make A Wish Foundation, Global Impact Award, General Managers award and Director for Golden Octopus Foundation (Children’s Cancer.) OUR VISION: ” To impact world Health and FREE people from PHYSICAL and FINANCIAL pain and to teach and mentor 1+ MILLION people to have better Health and Wealth.” Already we’ve achieved these goals:
  • We were the 2nd Millionaires in Australia and now there are 15 Millionaires and growing each year (Accumulated earning since starting)
  • We have personally helped, taught and mentored over 30+ people to be earning over $100,000+ up to $1 MILLION a year
  • Also many, many hundreds of people in our team are earning up to $100,000+ per year, being their own BOSS and working from home.
How did we do it? Firstly, these are some of my observations over the last 30 years.
  • People are sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • Over 70+% of people spend more than they earn and most are living on their Credit cards
  • Over 70+% of people hate their job, hate their boss or BOTH they are working there because that is their security or wage
  • A lot of people want to be their own BOSS and get paid what they are worth
  • A lot of people are looking for a PLAN B, as a lot of industries are in trouble right now.
So we offer the opportunity to work with 5 of the fastest growing trends in the World right now:
  • SELLING ONLINE – The internet has changed the world and how we do business.
Ask yourself, Do you know anyone that would be interested in these life changing trends? With Inspired Life Revolution we are looking to help, teach and mentor people with ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT who are looking for a better Lifestyle for themselves and their families. Don’t waste my time or yours if you are not energetic, enthusiastic, passionate in helping others and prepared to work hard, so you can have BETTER HEALTH, FINANCIAL SUCCESS and TIME FREEDOM for you and your families. Looking forward to working and paying it forward with you at Inspired Life Revolution. Are you ready to start your Inspired Life? Please take a minute to fill out the questionnaire.