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Katie Perry
I had a nomadic childhood moving countries every 18 months to 3 years, so I was always trying to make new friends, leaving old friends and starting again. 8 different countries & 12 different schools! But I had one person who constantly believed in me. My mum! For as far back as I can remember my mum would say to me “You can be and do anything you want”. I grew up with goal setting, breaking wooden boards and vision boards.   But other’s told me “I never stuck with anything” “that I wasn’t sporty” (hey, recently I completed a half marathon, that’s pretty sporty!) . Both through my childhood and some of my adult business life I’ve been confronted with bullying and intimidation tactics, even by people in the public eye. Have you ever had someone tell you that you can’t do something? Never believe them! Have you ever had a dream job or experience turn nasty? After working in all fields of fashion I landed a secure, dream job at one of Australia’s well known department stores. No matter what I did nothing was good enough – I would exceed budgets, work 15-20 hour days, grow an amazing team, yet it was never enough. Have you ever had someone that never says thank you and nothing you do is enough? I came to realise that I had lost sight of my dreams. I stopped and screamed “ENOUGH”! It was then that all the years of hearing “you can do anything you want” really sank in. Taking this moment to reflect, my boss had given me a blessing. I have gone on to build 3 businesses as a fashion designer, celebrity stylist and wellness coach and each revolves around creating unshakable confidence from the inside out for anyone I work with. If you ever feel alone or that no one is in your corner I want you to know that “I Believe In You!” Each and every one of you. Let’s follow our dreams together Let’s say NO to bullying and YES to living a life at 100% Let’s have UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE! Let me be the person who BELIEVES IN YOU! Are you ready to start your Inspired Life? Please take a minute to fill out the questionnaire.