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Jason Howell
I was born a wanderer. My heart longs to return one day to the place of my birth, South Africa. I was only 6 weeks old when my gypsy life began. First was Greece, then the UK and Australia. By the time I was two I was living in Taiwan, teaching my family how to speak mandarin! My travels as a boy opened my heart mind and soul to diversity and filled me with curiosity. I have a life long fascination with different people, religions and cultures.   In contrast, structure and routine have always kept me accountable and grounded. This includes how things work, are made, come about and the theories behind them. I relax by watching documentaries about inventors and explorers throughout time. I admire the achievements of Leonardo de Vinci, Horacio Paganini, and David Attenborough to name a few. Following a traditional course led me into my trade as a builder. I am no stranger to hard work but somewhere, while working 10-13+ hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week, always exhausted, the creative spark had dwindled. Then I changed my approach. I used the blueprint that you’ll find on this web-site to free my time and allow me to live the life I truly desire. Achieving time freedom, I now custom make bespoke hand crafted furniture using my own designs that allow my creativity to flow. Being able to pour my heart into each unique piece I create. I’m passionate about producing eco, green, environmentally friendly designs, as I use all reclaimed, recycled materials. I truly believe that the planet needs our help to be around for our future generations to enjoy. My desire to have the freedom to explore as many of the world’s culture as possible has given me strong beliefs. I have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting people from all walks of life both in Australia and overseas. I always strive to understand people’s points of view and have never wasted my time on comparison, blame or gossip. Through my passion for diversity & culture I believe everybody has the right to be heard, to live a meaningful life and these are beliefs worth fighting for! My mantra is that “I am always in the right place at the right time” and I believe that you are too. Are you ready to start your Inspired Life? Please take a minute to fill out the questionnaire.