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Bree Spencer
I grew up in a small town. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the incredible life that I am now creating. Growing up, I always thought anything was possible and dreaming was beautiful, but it was just that a dream, and your “dreams” come to life when you get your 4 weeks holiday or on the weekends, slipping away from the ‘9-5’ life which was reality. But I knew there was something more exciting, more rewarding was out there to be found.   I fell in love with hairdressing and makeup at a young age, always doing anyone’s hair I could get my hands on. I thought of it as so glamorous and who wouldn’t want to help transform people to feel more confident and beautiful? I was in my element and doing what I love. Through this wonderful people have come into my life, nurturing my creativity and believing in me. I’m now transforming the whole person through health and wellness and my own professional hair and makeup business that gives me the freedom and choices to live my extraordinary life full of travel and doing what I love. One of my most important lessons is the more you give, the more you receive, and I’m so passionate about contribution, helping and showing gratitude for everything that is in my life and the world around you. My dreams are only getting bigger and bigger, how big are YOU dreaming? Are you ready to start your Inspired Life? Please take a minute to fill out the questionnaire