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How Does Isagenix Work?

iLR is a way of life that embraces the power of human connection to create personal greatness, financial freedom and a healthier world. iLR is a family of inspired individuals living healthy, passionate and financially successful lives. With the support of a science-based range of wellness products from Isagenix, and an unparalleled network marketing model, iLR generates wellness of body and mind, and creates individual wealth and foundational legacies for next generations.

Life is an ever-evolving journey.

At iLR, we believe that wherever you are on that journey, you have the potential to grow into the most inspired, vibrant and successful version of you.

As a family, our mission is to take our legacy of experience and help you connect with that best version of yourself. No matter where you are personally or professionally, we’ll guide you to creating an inspired, healthy and wealthy life.

How do we achieve this?

Everything begins with connection.

Our passion is connecting people with their ‘WHY’, to uncover what drives them, and bring that into every element of their lives.

What your journey could look like?

Whether your journey is focussed on optimising your health through the premium Isagenix wellness, health & fitness program, or if you become part of the Isagenix wealth creation network model, every iLR journey begins with self-discovery.

Our promise is to create first and foremost, a solid foundation of individual mind-body health through personal development and mentoring, wellness education, and through sharing the life experiences of the iLR family team.

First comes uncovering your ‘truth’, then comes your ‘growth’ by paying it forward and connecting your own personal experiences with others. Your network of connections forms the path to both personal and financial wealth through our tried and tested networking model.

In the process of living a life you love, you’ll build a strong financial legacy for your own family and generations to come.

You’re only limited by your own beliefs. Let iLR kick start your best life today.